HoloLens is the first holographic computer running Windows 10. It is completely untethered–no wires, phones, or connection to a PC needed. Microsoft HoloLens allows you to place holograms in your physical environment and provides a new way to see your world.

What is a hologram?

A hologram is an object like any other object in the real world, with only one difference: instead of being made of physical matter, a hologram is made entirely of light. Holographic objects can be viewed from different angles and distances, just like physical objects, but they do not offer any physical resistance when touched or pushed because they don’t have any mass. Holograms can be two-dimensional, like a piece of paper or a TV screen, or they can be three-dimensional, just like other physical objects in your real world. The holograms you’ll see with Microsoft HoloLens can appear life-like, and can move, be shaped, and change according to interaction with users or the physical environment in which they are visible.

We are excited about the possibilities enabled by Microsoft HoloLens and see a wide array of use-cases for all. We believe developers, commercial organizations, designers, creators, and those seeking a whole new way to be entertained will find unique value in Microsoft HoloLens.

For developers, Windows 10 on Microsoft HoloLens is the premier holographic platform that enables you to help develop the future of holographic computing. Built on Windows 10 and delivering the trusted mobile device management and enterprise networking on which IT professionals rely to help secure devices in the workplace, Microsoft HoloLens will be a revolutionary tool for businesses–transforming how companies, designers, and creators work with three-dimensional data to bring products and information to life.

This is just the beginning. Microsoft, together with developers and our commercial partners, will continue to help designers and creators harness the power of holographic computing with Microsoft HoloLens.

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